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Compliance under Labour Law – Paper work or actual compliance? Drafted by CS Ashish Baid

Drafted by CS Ashish Baid

It is always said that the cost of Non-compliance is much more expensive than the cost of Compliance. But Compliance requirement turns out to be more burden and paper work at a time. There are endless requirements under Labour Laws, where the returns are to be submitted on the periodic basis, to various department, resulting in duplication of information at a time.

 To avoid the duplication of information and to reduce the burden of the compliance, State Government at various level, have tried to reduce the burden of the Compliance requirement, by reducing the number of the returns to be submitted by amending the requirement under various Labour Laws.

Government of West Bengal vide its notification dated August 17, 2017 approved the online submission of Single Annual Integrated Return. It is also directed with the notification that all Directorates should issue matching orders to implement the notification and period for submission of first annual returns.

Following Acts are covered under the said single online return:

1)      Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act, 1970

2)      The Building and Other Construction Workers’ (RE &CS) Act, 1996

3)      Motor Transport Workers Act, 1961.

4)      Interstate Migrant Workmen (RE &CS) Act, 1979.

5)      Minimum Wages Act, 1948.

6)      Factories Act, 1948.

With the successful implementation of the single annual returns, same can be implemented for various other Acts like Payment of Bonus Act, Payment of Wages Act & Shops and Establishment Act.

This seems to be one more step by the State Government to encourage the compliance.

Disclaimer: Author of this write up intend to impart the knowledge of the amendment made by the Government regulatory and steps taken to ease the compliance. Author is nowhere liable for any damage directly or indirectly and it is advisable to the viewers to consult their professional expertise to seek the advice.


Ashish Baid is a Company Secretary by professional and associated with Merchant Banker, working on SME IPO. Additionally, he is passionate about writing articles on various subject related to Corporate laws. Have written many articles on corporate laws, SEBI related case laws, Labour Law, etc.

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