Few basic plus technical aspects of Company Law, 2013

Written by : Pranit Mahesh Ponkshe

  1. The Territorial jurisdiction of the NCLT – mumbai is for the state of Maharashtra, Goa, Chhatisgarh. (Notification No. 1935 E dated 1st June 2016 ).


  1. The NCLT bench may allow the Petitioner to file the Rejoinder against the Reply of Defendant / Respondent (Rule 42 of NCLT rules, 2016).


  1. The “SUBMIT” button on the end of the MCA e-form is temporarily Disabled/ Unable. ( Help Kit of e-forms).


  1. Preamble is Normally written while Preparing Minutes and not required on CTC Copy.


  1. SEBI ( ICDR ) Regulation, 2009 is not applicable to Rights Issue if Aggregate Value is less than ₹ 50 lakhs ( Regulation 3 (b) ).


  1. Level – I ADR can only trade at OTC (Over the Counter) & it’s not listed on US exchange.


  1. Indian Depository Receipts Can be Purchased by any Indian Resident with an Minimum Application Amount of ₹ 20,000.


  1. The Issue Size for IDR shall not be less than ₹ 50 Crore.


  1. Fees for NCLT Application for change in F.Y. is ₹ 5,000.


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