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Govt. issues salient features of proposed National Policy for “Domestic Workers”

Ministry of Labour & Employment Update

In order to draft the final policy for Domestic Workers, Ministry of Labour & Employment has issued some of salient features of the proposed National Policy for “Domestic Workers”.

In addition, the Ministry highlights that many of the State Government like Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab, Tamilnadu and Tripura have included domestic workers in the schedule of the Minimum Wages Act and workers are, therefore, entitled to file cases before the concerned authorities in case of any grievance.

Further, outlines the salient features which were also put up on the Ministry’s Website for general public suggestions. Below are the  salient features :-

  1. Inclusion of Domestic Workers  in the existing legislations.
  2. Registration of Domestic workers.
  3. Right to form their own associations, trade unions.
  4. Right to have minimum wages, access to social security, protection from abuse, harassment, violence.
  5. Right to enhance their professional skills.
  6. Protection of Domestic Workers  from abuse and exploitation.
  7. Domestic Workers to have access to courts, tribunals, etc.
  8. Establishment of a mechanism for regulation of placement agencies.
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