Are start up merely outsourcing their legal work ?

Writes Adv. Pooja Terwad

The start-up eco-system in India is slowly developing and so is the need for lawyers and legal support. Founders are now realizing the need for having a legal setup.
However, while choosing a law firm, a start-up either relies on references or the brand name of the firm. I have witnessed that there is barely in background check done while zeroing on a law firm. Most of the Startups are not even aware if the attorneys they are choosing are doing the work themselves? They are merely outsour
cing it?
This leads to issues that are manifold.
  • Expensive.
  • Time- Consuming.
  •  Importantly, lack of personal attention and overlooking the details.
Legal Co
mpliances for Start-ups needs an eye for details. Until, the lawyer understands the business model, sustainability, growth options, scalability plans, it is tough to give the most effective advise. So, when your lawyer outsources the work, there is no personal interaction between the founder and the lawyer actually executing the assignment. I believe, until there is a personal connection between your lawyer and the founder, until the comfort zone is established, the process cannot end. Hence, my humble advise to founders research well and do not hesitate to ask your attorney tough questions before you

r confirmation.


Adv Pooja Terwad, is a founding partner at a full-service law firm Pooja Terwad & Associates (PTA) based out of Mumbai. As a part of her law firm activity she has initiated a specialized wing, whereby complete legal and business solutions are provided to Entrepreneurs to encourage innovation and nation-building. She is currently associated with multiple Entrepreneurship Cells at academic institutions


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