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Twisted Fable with Advocate Jayant Bhatt

The unusual conversation

Jayant Bhatt is an Advocate practicing in Supreme Court of India, Delhi High Court and District Courts. He holds dual Masters of Law from New York University, USA & National University of Singapore. He is also a prolific speaker at various platforms and has a keen interest in teaching and mentoring young minds and is an advisory board member to various organisations.

It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how he looks at the smallest things of life and the few principles he follows to be an accomplished person. 

    Why law ? 

Law is everywhere and it is one of the most empowering and rewarding professions. Society and all of us in that setup are governed by law, rules, regulations, ordinances etc. As a lawyer it is both our privilege and our duty to ensure that rule of law is maintained and justice is served. The feeling in itself is extremely satisfactory.

How do you define “failure”?

Not trying enough and being complacent is failure. It’s not about not succeeding in exams or losing a matter. It is simply about not trying and giving up.  

 What brings a smile to your face ? 

When me and my team get justice for clients. It’s always usually hard fought and against the system and requires a lot of hard work and man-hours to succeed. That always carries its joys and brings a smile on our faces.

How do you define dreams and what is your biggest dream ? 

Dream is something that you aspire to do. I dream to educate and empower people. Especially young minds as they are the true agents of change for any societal good.

   What is money and wealth for you ?

Money is a necessary evil and wealth is goodwill and good wishes of people.

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