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Twisted Fable with Advocate Manjunath Kakkalameli

The unusual conversation

Manjunath Kakkalameli is a Management Professional turned Lawyer. He has expertise in the Criminal, Cyber, IP, RERA & Constitution law. He is also a columnist and accomplished public Speaker. He has almost 10 years of blended experience in the field of Management & Advocacy. He has cracked many business deals & is Executive Member of BJP Executive Body of Legal Cell , Maharashtra. 

Manjunath Kakkalameli firmly believes that Success is not permanent and is a continuous process. It blesses the one who is always ready to test failures to get success in any field. He  believes in 3D’s – Dedication, Determination & Desires. One should have an independent School of thoughts.  Success is not ‘secure’ it has to be ‘secured’ through your continuous concurrence. 

It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how he looks at the smallest things of life and the few principles he follows in days to day life.

Why Law ?

Well, it has a very interesting story. To be frank I am ‘Lawyer by Choice not by Chance’. 

Switching from Business Management to Lawyering was like moving from East to West. A Guy who was earning a 6 figure salary, left the job & switched to an unpredictable & most unsecured profession. When I decided to switch over from a well settled Corporate bee to an unpredicted, most unsecured profession, my colleague, many people laughed and even criticised my move.

Admittedly, it was a hard move but since I was so determined I decided to let’s turn ‘Laugh into Clap’ and ‘Critics to Admirer’.

While working as A management professional, even though I was Handsomely paid, receiving respect but somewhere, was not achieving the level of satisfaction, A smile of satisfaction.

Basically, unseen pages of the Legal field is Ocean of Opportunity for executing your talent, thoughts,  Independent, Opportunity to perform from 360 degree, Liberty, Enjoys freedom, Entrepreneurship with ‘0’ investment which is very limited in Corporate.

Since I was desperately looking for a field where I can enjoy liberty, self-reliant thought process, accordingly while working only admitted to LLB in 2013 and successfully completed in 2016 and admitted to BAR.

How do you react when things and situations don’t happen according to you ?

Well, I believe,  being a lawyer one has to be patient because in the legal profession, there is no certainty. So, Whenever I come across any adverse outcomes in a matter or in personal life.I just rethink what went wrong and what to do. Accordingly, I adjust with situation and combat.

What is Justice for you ?

In my opinion, justice is not what we literally think to be. Justice is what a lawyer has to do with his matter. No matter what the consequences, one has to think that whether being a lawyer, I have justified the matter or not.Being defence lawyer, justice does not mean acquittal but being defence lawyer if you are able to justify your part is justice. I believe, being an Advocate, Justice means giving your 100% to the assignments you received.

What is home for you?

Home is not a four walls, it is something where you find full of emotions, feelings, sentiments & kind of satisfaction even if you are stressed. After working the entire day he/she runs to his/her home , not for relaxation but for some kind of satisfaction & relief.

What is peace for you and where do you get peace ?

Peace means satisfaction. Where there is satisfaction there is peace. If one needs to achieve peace in his personal life, he needs to be satisfied with what he gets, which never happens in human life. Peace is so temporary.However, a sense of peace can be found when you deliver your 100% and get results accordingly.


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