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Twisted Fable with Advocate Ranjan Deshpande

The unusual conversation

Ranjan Deshpande is a practising lawyer and is a trade union activist since 2001. He has been a guest faculty since 5 years at Government Regional Institute State of Maharashtra for the course of Master in Labour Studies, Nagpur IT Park. Additionally, he is an Ex Ranji cricket player. His success mantra is, “if we desire respect for the law, we must first make the law respectable”. 

It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how he looks at the smallest things of life and the few principles he follows to be an accomplished person.

One thing you would like to change about Indian Consumer Law ?

There should be writ jurisdiction available after the orders of state commission as very litigant is not able and afford to approach the National Tribunal for silly matters including dismissal in default of an appeal. 

Are you satisfied with the 3 labour code Bills passed by the Parliament and why ?

I’ve been practising since 19 years in labour side with all the laws of the pre independence era and I’ve tried to get justice for my clients under said laws and now we represent the majority of unions. Well you cannot say whether you are satisfied with any Act passed by the parliament.You have to work hard interpret the provisions with facts of the case and apply your mind and try to get orders in your favour. 

The effects of new labour laws can only be ascertained when we will start working on that but for one thing in new labour laws I’m worried is that on a judicial tribunal one administrative member will appointed by the government that means the independent nature of the judiciary may be compromised I guess as the said member will be appointed by the government and in many matters the central or the state government is litigant in labour industrial matters. 

How do you define dreams and what is your biggest dream ? 

“Dream beautiful dreams, and then work to make those dreams come true.” -Spencer W. Kimball

We dream many things in life but to fulfil all the dreams is not possible in this life may be some may say they have achieved their dreams. 

As per me we dream so many things and to fulfil those dreams you need to set an aim and objective in your life and work hard to achieve that knowing your strong points and limitations.During my school and college days I was playing cricket as a professional and represented state at national level and an ex Ranji player. I had a dream to represent Indian Cricket team but somehow could not make it to that level but at the same time I had the passion to become a successful lawyer so I continued with studies even though I had an opportunity to get a government job in sports quota. 

One must not forget that there is no alternative for hard work. 

I have many dreams in my life which a normal human being has. It is my dream to become a very successful lawyer and to get justice or relief I would say to people in distress. 

What is home for you ? 

Well that’s a very tricky question !! 

Home is where you want to go and relax, have peace and spend some quality time with your loved ones.  But for me it is complete during the day when you perform your job and at least one person is satisfied with your efforts. 

What is justice for you ? 

As for me justice is a very technical term.One side is always aggrieved against whom a judgement is passed so one cannot say justice is done. So I try my best to get some relief for my clients.Justice cannot be achieved in courts only.As an individual one can do justice by performing their legal obligations and legal duty.To respect and protect rights of individuals is justice. 


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