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Twisted Fable with Anu Bhuvanachandran

The unusual conversation

Anu Bhuvanachandran is a partner of Outsay Legal. Her success mantra is, “Any Information is never garbage, it definitely counts somewhere in future”. 

It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how she looks at the smallest things of life and the few principles she follows to be an accomplished person. 

Why law ? Do you believe that lawyers can change the thinking and mindset of the people ? 

I am from a science background with uncountable engineering professionals and artists’ family. Though I was gaining good marks in science, my practice from upper primary is social activity that I could do at my age then. It ranged from volunteering in help age India to getting a doctor to administer delivery of a fully pregnant cow. At the end of Class XII, I saw a law entrance which was quite fascinating and it had no series of formulae like engg. entrance exams. Out of curiosity I applied for law entrance and scored 15th rank. During the exam I realized the level of comfort and happiness in me. I joined the School of Legal Studies, Cochin University for five year integrated BBA.LLB. Hons. During the course, I was not at all interested in attending classes but I focussed to expose myself to the practical world of the legal system. Therefore I enhanced my school level social activities to socio legal activities. This is how I commenced to sail.

t is not necessary that the lawyers can change the thinking and mindset of the people. It is always the combination of judges and lawyers who are capable of presenting to the point and implementing to the point. A lawyer may resolve a problem at that particular moment or for a particular person out of the court or through ADR or on a simple chai chat. But a lawyer is always an open court to shoot queries and questions; unfortunately the language, logic and practice of the answering lawyer outputs different answers in his own style. Mindset of people is vast and the derth can’t be ever identified. Mindset of a person can be changed by his/her personal experience. If thinking of change of mindset at grass root level, lawyers are the best teachers who should teach full time in primary schools. It is always at the growing age you can implement behaviour from where the mindset originates.

Do you feel that we still live in a patriarchal society and why ? 

Our country always reflects a patriarchal image which is not true. What we heard, what we seen and what we observed have a huge error. I am not living the life of my next door Baneerjee uncle nor he is living my life. I am the only person who is aware of the facts and circumstances from boot to tooth of my life. I know, in Kerala and a tribal group in North-East follow matriarchal system. Their men have no control and even facing the atrocities and turn to be victims of several offences which are of feminine nature. From the legal point of view, I think women are choking with the list of legislation and protection due to which the country presently facing a boon on false rape and domestic violence acquisitions. I blame certain lawyers who mug up laws and vomit it on the petitions to get divorce for their clients. Same time they will put their pens down if their sons or daughters are coming for divorce. A huge number of cases filed by women are even reported false  and the intention of filing a police complaint or a case is to just solve on monetary basis.

Presently India reflects a false image of a complete patriarchal system where the true image is of the weeping boys, gentlemen and wrinkled men begging to save them from misuse of legal protection given to women. I think it’s high time for our country to realize, to stop blind drafting, execution and implementation of law for protecting feminine.

One thing you would like to change about the legal world ? 

A lawyer always runs to fight for his client or for justice. Have you ever thought of the justice of a lawyer in his profession? Across the globe or at least in India it is widely accepted that lawyers work round the clock. The quantum of work that lawyers do in a day or for a case is indispensably high. The chances open to a lawyer to enjoy his fundamental rights especially under article 21 is almost close. Even the lawyers fail to recognize vacations. The problems that a junior lawyer facing today

  1. No time for Sleep
  2. No time to eat
  3. No reasonable salary
  4. No time to care health
  5. Utter wastage of life’s prosperous phase.

This has to change. Otherwise the nation with the highest youth population will turn unproductive.

Not only Bollywood has nepotism, legal system too.

There are colleges which craft more productive budding lawyers than the National Law Schools. The employers shall stop attracting too much to the tagline.

All these have to change.

That one thing or person you cannot survive without and why ? 

Myself. If I am not myself there is no point in life. The person who can love me the most is myself. If I cannot be myself, all my decisions, steps, thoughts, approach, lifestyle, attitude and everything will be temporary and pointless. It is only when I am myself, I can be true to myself and be transparent. The value of myself will be understood only if you realize losing yourself. “Self” is way far different from Independent.

What is money and wealth for you ? 

For me money is always money. Because I will not get my grocery just by showing the appreciations and testimonials I get. Value of money is also changing and demand for money fluctuates downwards only if you are deprived of breathing and heartbeat. The best example is that no normal person will think about how to make money during the last few sessions of his breath.

As far as wealth is concerned, the ability to take right decision at the right time with the right sense. Nothing less ; nothing more.




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