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Twisted Fable with Ashish Bhakta

The unusual conversation

Ashish Bhakta is Founding Partner of ANB Legal. He has been appointed as Amicus Curiae by the Securities Appellate Tribunal and also acts as Conciliator / Arbitrator in case of various commercial and family disputes. He has been a part of a diverse practice and headed teams on several high profile M&A, Private Equity and Project Finance deals apart from working on media related documents.He is also a visiting faculty professor at the KC College of Law and Siddharth College of Law, Mumbai. He firmly believes that, “there is no substitute to the combination of hard work and being humane in your conduct”

It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how he looks at the smallest things of life and the few principles he follows in days to day life to be an accomplished person. 

What is ANB Legal to you ?

ANB Legal may have a few initials, however it is way more than that. It consists of all the people who work, toil and give their best to provide timely and practical solutions to clients over a spectrum of legal expertise which have been gathered over decades of perseverance. The first few colleagues who joined more than 7 years ago, i.e. Rohini, Nazneen, Shreni and Payal are the ones who spearhead their respective lines of practice in the Firm. It is a place where we make our best efforts to promote a “people first” policy and maintain an atmosphere where colleagues want to voluntarily come be a part of the team rather than be constrained to.   

 What fascinates you to teach law ? 

My aunt, whom I reside with, is a teacher from over 70 years now. The kind of effort, time and more so the effect of her teaching on the students always fascinated me. Teaching Law is way more than just imparting knowledge. It’s a place where you learn way more than you preach. Further it helps you know the pulse and mindset of the students which is invaluable in ensuring you keep up with the times.

One thing that you like the most about the Indian Arbitration and Dispute resolution system ?

The Arbitrators, without a doubt. Some of the “new generation batch” if I may dare to call them that, are a pleasure to appear before. They know their law, are clear on commercials, know exactly who is taking advantage of which procedure and their awards can seldom be challenged for the sheer clarity with which they are presented.   

How do you define “freedom” ? 

To be able to do what you want to do, without causing any sort of any harm to anyone around.

Describe your feeling when you were appointed as the Amicus Curiae by the Securities Appellate Tribunal ? 

Well the appointment happened by sheer chance. I was in the Hon’ble Tribunal premises waiting for my matter to be called out, when in the ongoing matter a proposition was being argued, I in my own state of mind made a sound of disagreement. The Hon’ble Member heard that and asked me to speak up. I was a rank junior and very scared at what I had done. Gathering some guts I said what I wanted. The Hon’ble Member adjourned the matter and asked me to prepare for it as Amicus. When appointed, I was of course elated and also conscious that I have a responsibility far greater than what I had in the past.   



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