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Twisted Fable with CA Jigar Doshi

The unusual conversation

Jigar Doshi is a Chartered Accountant and Founding Partner of TTMS LLP. He has over 15 years of extensive work experience in the field of indirect taxation. His domain expertise includes GST, Customs, erstwhile Indirect Taxes and UAE VAT legislations. He has substantial experience in advisory, compliance, refund assessments, representation and litigation. 

Among the several honours to his credit, he has been awarded ‘Young Accountant of the Year 2019’ by IAB awards at London and he has been part of the 15-member (Indian) Group of Ministers meet for simplification of Indian GST return process. He has trained esteemed Indian Government officials as an empanelled trainer at National Academy of Customs Excise and Narcotics. He is associated with a host of trade bodies, foreign embassies and associations for speaking engagements and training on GST and UAE VAT laws. He firmly believes that, “Work towards adding value and better experience to clients, growth and learning to employees and overall enriching the stakeholders”. 

It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how he looks at the smallest things of life and the few principles he follows in days to day life to be an accomplished person. 

What is TMSL (Tax Technology Managed Services) for you ? What motivated you to start TMSL ?

The future of tax technology in India is now. Being a tech enthusiast, there always was this urge within to integrate technology with my domain of expertise which is Indirect Taxes. With the roll out of GST, the use of technology in indirect taxes became indispensable. This made me think that, perhaps this is an opportune time to lay a foundation for something which was very close to my heart – a Tax Technology firm. 

You can call TMSL my dream, my passion, an opportunity, my purpose, anything. It’s an 8 month old baby for me which we are nurturing to grow up into a successful and meaningful venture which would make a difference in everyday lives as far as tax technology is concerned.

How do you define “success”? 

Well, success is very subjective – for different people, its different things. However, if you ask me, success is when you need not give your introduction anymore. I wouldn’t relate success with money or worldly possessions. Success is when you are able to change people’s lives in a positive manner; when you do something which unlocks value. If TMSL is able to serve its clients in a manner that their tax woes are sorted with technology as its helm, I would consider myself successful.

Please tell us about your one life changing event ? 

Well, professionally, everyday is a moment – we celebrate every client won or client lost basis the learning the client has provided.  

Personally, a life changing event was the birth of my daughter – Hriti Doshi. She is almost 4 and certainly the apple of my eye. Becoming a parent is hugely rewarding. The joy that you feel when you hold your little one is beyond words. The birth of my daughter has changed me to become a man who is more thankful and appreciative of little moments in life. It has opened a new door of my heart and all in all, I have become a better version of myself – all thanks to the bundle of my joy!

One thing that you are most scared of ?

To be mis-interpreted. For a few small talks makes a lot of sense, for few its point to point discussions.  For few, statements are inversely read and mis-interpreted.  Having few, rather many instances in my life on this front, I keep my conversation very sharp and clear.  Misinterpreting or miscommunication leads to the end of a professional relationship and it almost feels like someone has backstabbed.    

How do you define dreams and what is your biggest dream ? 

As they say, ‘dreams are not something which you see in your sleep, it is something which doesn’t let you sleep.’ 

Frankly, I am a very ambitious person and hence whenever I dream of something, I get restless to make it happen. Unless that dream becomes a reality, I keep working towards it. My biggest dream is to take TMSL to the world stage and make it as an Institution differentiating it with other firms from values, culture and growth perspective. Though, we have just opened an office in UAE, I would call it only a start to something much bigger and larger!

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