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Twisted Fable with Shantam Patil

The unusual conversation

Shantam Patil is Founder & CEO of United Forum for Legal Studies. It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how he looks at the smallest things of life and the few principles he follows in days to day life. 

What made you start the United Forum for Legal Studies? 

In a short period, I was keen and fortunate to have gotten a lot of exposure & experience, ranging from the legislative assembly to the district court. Then I gathered a team of students & professionals & started this initiative called the United Forum for Legal Studies (UFLS). 

The first step to any organisation or business is the formation of a team.     

Gladly, I found my support system in friends like Alisha, who never left my side and believed in this work. 

UFLS is a legal forum aiming to create awareness, through our website, about legal activities, services, and developments happening across the nation & around the globe in the contemporary scenario. 

So, I started UFLS with a perspective and initiative to share knowledge, new creations, new ideas and most importantly, to provide legal support to every citizen in all over the globe. It is a safe space for the team to learn from one another and give the best of their expertise. That’s why we have people working from the USA & UK. 

What is justice for you? 

Now that’s the beauty of the law. A term has many interpretations & by every individual holds and sees it differently. So similarly, the word justice has many definitions and interpretations. 

For me, justice is something that every human being must be entitled to and must be ensured to get anywhere in this world.

For instance, for an old man or a person with a disability, there are seats reserved for them in public transportation. At times I have seen much younger people grabbing such seats and sitting on them, where the utmost right should be of the persons for whom it is meant. So, in my view, every individual must bring his/her right wherever he/she is entitled to. Every individual must deserve justice at-home, office, public transportation, in a court of law, on footpaths, everywhere. People should be well aware of his/her rights provided by them to our constitution & laws of their country.

If a person has a criminal record, he is also entitled to face a fair trial by the court of law. 

So, in my terms justice is what every human being should get in every place in the globe. And by proper means of rules laid down in their nation.

What is home for you?

From the 7th standard itself, I was away from my home because I was in Bhonsala Military School, Nagpur and then Sainik School Ambikapur. Then again at the hostel in Hidayatullah National Law University, Raipur, where I am presently residing. 

For me, wherever you live, that place becomes your home. 

What is peace for you, and where do you get peace?

For me, peace means self-satisfaction and contentment from external sources & internally within myself too. I get peace everywhere, nothing like a particular place. If I have accomplished even the tiniest of the thing or if someone is happy for me, if I give my best to others and make them happy, such are the moments which mean truly important to me and make me extremely happy.

What is money and wealth for you? 

Wealth is more important to me than money. Money comes & goes in our lives. But if you have earned good wealth with fair means, it will be forever with you, and one will carry it with oneself forever.

For me, wealth consists of my friends, teachers, my seniors, colleagues, & all the ones who have supported me in this journey of life. Earning some good people and having them never leave your back is the best form of motivation. 

There is a famous quote that goes like this “Don’t tell what they said against me, tell me what you told them to defend me.”   It has truly inspired me, and I’ve tried to live by these words.

If you have wealth, then money will automatically come to you. 



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