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Twisted Fable with Vaidya Ray

The unusual conversation

Vaidya Ray is Associate at Spice Route Legal. Her success mantra is it’s nice to be important, but it’s important to be nice!

It’s going to be an interesting journey reading how she looks at the smallest things of life. 

Why law? 

At 17 years of age, I thought I would make a great economist (for reasons I still don’t know), but eventually came a time where I knew I won’t make it to any of the top colleges offering courses in Economics (true story!). I heard on Radio FM about a seminar on CLAT and decided to visit with my dad and my sister. Today, both my sister and I are lawyers, pretty much accidentally! 

The field didn’t come organically to me, but once I started feeling the “power”, the “respect”, the “enigma” and the “history” this profession carries, I knew (maybe accidentally) that I made the right decision. Specially being a woman, I find it empowering, I find myself in awe looking at the landmark judgments that have defined our legacy, and more importantly the excitement it carries. Law – because it’s not about being fair, it’s about being equal. 

How do you define ‘feminism’?

George Carlin once said “Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.”

That one line defines what feminism is! It’s not a race, a competition or a fight. It’s equality where it should be. If a man in the same position gets paid Rs. 50,000, a woman in the same position should too. If a woman cooks dinner after a long day at work, a man should too! It’s about being a human being before our genders. That’s what feminism is to me. 

What is love to you? 

Love is an idea; it does not mean everything romantic. It is an expression of how I feel about a particular person, animal or thing. It is the intensity of my emotions, my feelings and my thoughts for someone and the ability to understand them beyond their words and exterior. And on a lighter note: Love is my mother’s handmade chicken curry! My best friend’s hug! My husband’s embrace! and my kitten’s meow!

What is God for you and why?

I am not a very religious person, but I pray every day (traditional upbringing can do this to you!). I have always felt that sometimes we all need a private space to open up about things we are going through. Moments, where we can’t be our real selves – from the fear of being judged or sharing our vulnerabilities! God for me is to have that inner strength, to meet a person, to find a book that will help me get through those unfavourable moments in my life, because I admit, most of us don’t reach out to God when we don’t need him. 

Are you a believer in Karma? In your opinion, what is Karma?

I don’t really believe in Karma. Co-incidences, yes!

I have a firm belief that the world is not fair, and Karma is a notion of comfort for many, to think, the ones who wronged us with get their due. Hence, we correlate to many happenings and try and find reasons to blame it on an absurd idea (saying this with my limited life experience). I strongly believe that we may face many situations and people that may not always please us, but it is all about moving forward, looking at the next “thing”. Karma or no Karma, it won’t change my life one bit, so why send my energy off the fence. 

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